While all of us have heard of sleep apnea, it is still a relatively unknown disorder among most of us. In fact, most of us do not even know that we suffer from it. So, what is sleep apnea? This is a medical term for a disorder where you suffer from waking up during the night due to breathing problems which are a result of your sleeping posture.

Continuous apnea affects more than two million Americans. The first symptom of the disorder is when the person suddenly stops breathing, then wakes up in the middle of the night. He or she suffers from dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, and loss of appetite.

The most important factors which lead to the disorder are a person’s position during sleeping, namely sleeping on one side of the body, or sleeping on your back. It can also be a result of a weight gain, hormonal changes in a woman during pregnancy, or a change in the growth of the fetus.

Sleep apnea is commonly diagnosed during a sleep study. The doctor will listen to your breathing patterns while you are asleep. During this time, he or she will try to record how you are sleeping, and if you experience apnea, how often you are affected by it. During the study, they will also test your heart rate, respiratory pattern, and blood pressure.

Some signs and symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, interrupted sleep, excessive gasping for air, and episodes of non-stop breathing during the night. Sleep apnea can be temporary or chronic, but the condition may need constant treatment.

Most people affected by the disorder, although they are fully aware of the problem, try to take good care of themselves, and lose weight. This is not necessarily the solution though, as, in order to improve the condition, weight loss cannot cure the disorder.

This is because the people affected by the disorder don’t have a cure to lose weight, nor do they know where to find one. In order to keep the condition from getting worse, patients should start losing weight in their 20s. Since sleep apnea occurs in both men and women, the best treatment is prevention.

Some treatments that you can use to prevent sleep apnea include certain sleep aids, the use of a humidifier in the bedroom, or a nasal strip. If sleep apnea is already present, then people suffering from it should try to abstain from alcohol, smoking, coffee, and other stimulants.

Some medications used to treat sleep apnea also cause side effects. There are some medications that may cause serious heart problems, because these medications may react with some medicines that the body already has. If these side effects become too severe, then the person should immediately stop using them.

Another thing to note is that sleep apnea doesn’t happen overnight. Treating the problem is an ongoing process, because the condition may return if not properly treated.

It’s important to remember that sleep apnea is treatable if you know what it is. Since there is no actual cure, however, it is recommended that you stick to natural methods in order to keep the condition from reoccurring. Natural remedies are effective in combating the symptoms of sleep apnea, such as irritability, dry mouth, fatigue, and irregular breathing.

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