People who want to ship their old and new vehicles from different locations are faced with the problem of how to ship these vehicles efficiently. There are various cart shipping companies that take responsibility for shipping vehicles from one state to another and they are easily found in the yellow pages or even on the internet.

Before choosing a car transport company, it is important to take note of the reputation of the company particularly with respect to its efficiency in delivering vehicles at the agreed schedule. It is also important to note the accident rate of the trucking services owned by the said company y.

It is important to know that shipping vehicles through a cart shipping company is not like shipping any document via the regular postal or Fed-Ex services. Unlike documents that are generally predictable, the shipping of vehicles can be more complicated because of the many factors involved.

When a car shipping company commits on a date for the delivery of the vehicle, it should not be taken as an exact delivery date schedule but more probably a mere estimate of the delivery schedule. Car shipping companies are faced with several factors that can cause delays in delivery such as mechanical problems. However, delay in the delivery of vehicles is most often caused by the clients themselves.

Clients can choose to have their vehicles transported either through an open or enclosed trailer or truck. Shipping your vehicles through an open trailer can be less expensive than having it shipped through an enclosed trailer. However, the client should be prepared for any damage that can be caused due to the exposure of the vehicle to the elements like heat and rain. If you are shipping a valuable vehicle then better choose an enclosed trailer to keep it safe.

Safety is a primordial concern so you should choose a shipping company that can present you a shipping package including insurance on your vehicle against theft and unexpected damage. To avoid trouble for the shipping company, better disable any car alarm system before having your car shipped.

Clients who opt for door to door delivery should know that this does not mean the delivery of the vehicle right in your front doors. This means that the shipping company will deliver the vehicle at the nearest pick-up point on your end. Do not expect a ten-wheeler truck to traverse your area just to keep their door to door delivery promise.

Trucking companies usually require cash or even just an initial payment before delivery is made. Make sure that you are prepared with cash to pay the balance at the time the vehicle is delivered to you since most companies do not accept credit card payments.

To avoid delays in the delivery, make sure you instruct the company in writing as to the exact location of your pick up point. Be there before the expected arrival of your vehicle to make delivery easier and more efficient for the company.

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