Exercise is important for maintaining a well-conditioned body throughout your life. But, what if you suffer from back pain? How can you get relief and still be able to perform a workout?

Back pain can be caused by a number of things. In the workplace, falls are quite common. Twisting suddenly, falling, and lifting heavy objects without proper alignment can all lead to back pain. And, when you have pain in your back, it is hard to think of anything else.

One way to help that back pain to go away is through the practice of yoga. The art of yoga has been around for centuries. It is an exercise of stretching and strength. And just because you are not jumping around for 45 minutes, doesn’t mean that your body is not responding to the techniques and getting stronger.

Yoga is perfect for people with back pain and other injuries because the movements are done slowly. Before you begin yoga or any other type of exercise program, always check with your doctor first. He can recommend different types of exercises that will be beneficial to your back.

In the practice of yoga, different positions are performed and held to promote an understanding of how the body and mind work together. As you advance you will notice that your muscles are more flexible and also stronger. Strong muscles are more resistant to injury.

Yoga is a combination of relaxation and exercise. As you stretch and hold the poses, your body releases tension and begins to relax. That alone can ease soreness in your back muscles.

There are many types of yoga classes for you to choose from. Hatha yoga is a gentler form that will benefit those who suffer from back pain. Through each movement, you must know what each body part is doing and be sure that they are aligned.

Another specific point of yoga is breathing techniques. As you work out, you will also learn to control your breathing. More oxygen in the body means more energy as the oxygen reaches the cells and gets things going.

Start slowly. If you can’t hold a pose as long as the instructor or other students, it is okay. As you learn more and your muscles begin to relax, you will be able to perform each pose well.

Shop around for yoga classes that cater to people with back pain. An instructor that is knowledgeable about how to alleviate it will be an asset to you.

As you look for ways to ease your back pain, don’t overlook yoga as a complement to other forms of therapy and treatment. Yoga focuses on the mind-body connection and uses it to bring your body back into shape and balance.

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