I have always thought that children’s book clubs are a good way to really keep kids exciting about reading. I say keep because a love of reading starts in the home, not in the school or the children’s book club. The fact is that if you do not read to your child every single night or nearly every single night, you are simply not doing your job and being a good parent. Joining children’s book clubs can help your child to stay interested in reading, but it can not start his or her lifelong passion for the written word. That has to come from you.

Nonetheless, a parent can not hold all of the responsibility for their child’s reading. That is where children’s book clubs come in. The cool thing about children’s book clubs is that they give the kids neat new books in shiny packaging every month. For the child, it feels like they are getting a neat new present, and they are likely to go ahead and dive straight into that book without even being prompted to. As a parent, that is something that will make your job a whole lot easier. Parents can start kids reading, but children’s book clubs can take another step. They can take that love of reading to the next level, encouraging the kid to take off with it and dive into reading by his or herself. That is the next step towards being an adult reader and is an important step for him or her to take. And the earlier, the better.

Of course, not all of the children’s book clubs out there are the same. What they are reading is important, but a lot of the time it is not as important what they read, as simply that they are reading what their friends are reading. This will allow your kids to use the children’s book clubs as a way to start interacting with the text, becoming better readers through sharing what they have read, as well as their likes and dislikes, with all of their little friends. This can be a huge help for any young reader and is really the secret to becoming a fluent reader. This is why, even in this age of the digital computer with its speed of light communication, children’s book clubs still have a place in every home. Make sure that your kid joins a children’s book club today.

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